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Visual excerpts from
Tuning In: Equine Craniosacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Release

Before ECST Session
Before ECST Session
After ECST Session
After ECST Session

This horse was boarded at a stable where I was working and the owner wanted to "try" craniosacral. The before (left) and after (right) picture depicts the results of that one session.

There was little known history on the horse. The owner had just purchased him. He had been used as a 3-day event horse. In his stall his tension pattern manifested in weaving back and forth. He was tense to the point of stiffness. It was painful to see him. I went through the ten-step protocol and checked other areas as well. This session was uneventful to the observer, looking as if nothing was happening. In the end the results were obvious. This horse was so stressed that just getting the edge off of his tension was most important. After the session, that edge had softened, lengthening his top line and allowing his legs to be more supportive.

It felt like this horse could not go on much longer without chronic medical problems showing up if his needs were not addressed on all levels. He seemed to be "not present" due to chronic pain. Lack of awareness of and compassion for his condition seem to have drained his spirit.

May we work diligently to broaden our vision so that our horses may communicate with us. They are no longer in their natural environment and they have no words....therefore it is our duty to responsibly care for them. To learn their language allows us to truly address their needs for proper care on all levels. This results in a happy horse, willing and able to achieve his highest performance capability.


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Photos by Todd Harless